Our Expertise

We provide a strong selection of Japanese equities and fixed income strategies, which capitalise on our fundamental and quantitiative capabilities.

Japanese Equities

Japan Market Oriented

Aims to out-perform the TOPIX Index by investing in Japanese equities of all market caps, combining fundamental bottom-up research ideas with top-down quantitative screening and analysis, utilising a flexible style bias.


Japan Hybrid Selection

Aims to outperform the TOPIX benchmark, offering a high tracking error with no style or cap size bias. The strategy has a strong top-down approach, focusing on investment themes supported by bottom-up research.

Japan Small-Mid Research Active

Aims to outperform the Russell/Nomura Small Cap Index by investing in Japanese small and mid cap stocks with higher than average earnings growth potential, adopting a bottom-up approach.


Fixed Income

Long Duration

The Long Duration Fixed Income product seeks to gain a steady long-term return through the effective use of duration/curve control and credit management measured against Bond Indices such as Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Index or JP Morgan/Citi Government Bond Index. The product guidelines are flexible and are subject to the investment objectives of the client. Possible investments include government bonds, agency bonds, investment grade corporate bonds and securitized products as well as mortgage bonds.


Short Duration

The aim of the Short Duration Fixed Income product is to achieve an agreed target, with capital preservation remaining the primary objective. Excess is returned through credit management and duration/curve control.


US Credit

The US Credit product benefits from the combination of a top-down and a bottom-up approach.  Diversification is employed across industries and issuers.  Portfolio duration is maintained within a tight range from indices such as Barclays Capital U.S. Credit Index.  Investment grade credits are main focus.  Limited holdings in BB ratings with client approval are employed for yield enhancement.