About DIAM

DIAM U.S.A., Inc. is a New York-based investment advisor, which is wholly owned by DIAM Co, Ltd. (“DIAM Tokyo”), a global asset management company based in Japan.  


DIAM was formed in 1999 as a  50/50 joint venture of Mizuho Financial Group (NYSE listed: MFG) and Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company as a result of the merger of 3 asset management units of Mizuho Financial Group and Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company.  DIAM has 3 overseas subsidiaries besides DIAM U.S.A., Inc., in United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  DIAM group manages $144.2 billion of client assets globally as of December 31st, 2015 and provides Japanese, Asian, and global investment strategies on various asset classes.


DIAM USA was originally formed as Dai-ichi Life Investment Management (USA) Inc. in 1994 and became a subsidiary of DLIBJ Asset Management Co., Ltd. (currently DIAM Co, Ltd.)  in 2000. It was renamed to the current name in 2008 when our parent company was also renamed.


DIAM USA offers fixed-income and equity investment advisory services with the focus on the investment grade US corporate bonds and other US fixed income securities.  We also manage strategies related to fixed income securities of emerging countries. DIAM USA manages approximately $3.0 billion of Japanese and US client assets.


DIAM U.S.A.'s office in New York.